#4 Friday Fun Fact – Yellow Soup

Happy ‘Thanksgiving Recovery Day’ everyone. I hope that your turkey is well digested and moving steadily down your transit line. For those of your feeling a little over indulged, fear not, some Yellow Soup might be your answer…

Fecal microbiome transplants (FMT’s) are big news, being touted as a panacea for most all human ills, from C.difficile infection to depression. The evidence for FMT’s in mental health and brain illness will be explored in my upcoming blog post, but before we get there, it is worth looking back on the history of this interesting treatment. Not surprisingly, like most amazing ‘new discoveries’, this one has roots in ancient times. It would appear that FMTs, in the form of a stool soup (euphemistically labelled ‘Yellow Soup’),  were used by Chinese healers in the 4th century to treat diarrhea and a variety of other abdominal ailments. The said soup was brewed with the dried stool of a healthy person and it appears to have been quite effective, although rather unpalatable.

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